Connected Consumer Intelligence

Solutions for the Connected Economy

Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I)

Customer Intelligence & Insights is an integrated customer analytics platform with industry-specific solutions designed specifically for banking, retail and communications. CI&I collects and analyzes large volumes of data from a wide array of sources enabling organizations in those industries to deliver exceptional, hyper-personalized customer experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey–quickly and cost effectively.

Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX)

Intelligent Urban Exchange is an integrated smart cities platform that provides cities, utilities and transportation operators with real-time, actionable insights. The IUX City Command Center enables city managers to view and analyze city-level functions and events in real time across departments with domain-specific solutions for water, transportation and energy.

Connected Intelligence Platform (CIP)

Connected Intelligence Platform is a scalable enterprise insights platform for quickly and easily building analytic use cases from all types of data. It provides data ingestion, data transformation, data analysis and advanced analytic modeling for improved business performance, efficiency and growth.

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