Customer Analytics and Smart City Software for

Actionable Data-Driven Insights

Deliver highly-personalized experiences across your
customers’ physical and digital journeys

Simplify and accelerate data and analytics initiatives

Enterprises in all industries are under pressure to use data and analytics to transform their operations, do more with less and deliver personalized experiences that meet the rising expectations of today’s always-on customers.

Our enterprise insights platform simplifies and accelerates data and analytics initiatives, enabling organizations of all sizes to understand more about their products, customers, and operations.

To speed time-to-value, TCS has developed customer analytics software products with pre-built use cases for banking, retail, communications, and smart cities on this platform.
Our modular, integrated solutions include:


TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights 

Customer analytics solutions for banking, communications, and retail with out-of-the box use cases for delivering exceptional customer engagement across all physical and digital touchpoints. Real-time insights and actionable recommendations drive loyalty, profitability, and sustainable growth.

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange

Smart city platform with a city command center and domain-specific solutions for water, energy, and transportation to improve city services, create efficiencies and enhance quality of life for citizens. In addition, IUX for Workplace Resilience helps businesses and campuses coordinate and optimize their response to major disruptive events and address key safety and operational challenges.

TCS Connected Intelligence Platform

Connected Intelligence Platform is a scalable enterprise insights platform for quickly and easily building analytic use cases from all types of data. It provides data ingestion, data transformation, data analysis and advanced analytic modeling for improved business performance, efficiency and growth.

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