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When is a data lake not just a data lake?  When it comes pre-integrated with storage and ETL tools.   Sure, IT can buy the individual data lake components and go through the hard work of integrating products from multiple vendors to incorporate extracting, transforming, loading, storage and visualization tools.  But if you’re concerned with fastest time to insight, it’s worth looking at fully integrated data lakes.

This approach does, however, require a new way of thinking about your big data analysis needs.  It requires looking at your data lake needs differently, and from the perspective of speed and usability.

Your overworked IT staff doesn’t have time to spend precious cycles researching ETL and storage products, figuring out how to integrate them and then building tools for business stakeholders to use the data lake.  And, if a business stakeholder needs to learn to code or ask IT to run a report to gain insights, they may not do it, and lose out on important business information.

What if there were a solution that was pre-integrated and fully functional for use by businesspeople, not just IT?  What if it could be installed in minutes?  What if it natively supports data privacy and security? What if it included all data lake functionality and could be deployable with little to no technical knowledge?

At TCS Digital Software & Solution Group, we’ve reimagined data lakes to do all that and more.  Our approach focuses on your real concern–time to insight.  Your IT team has better things to do than set up another one-off solution, write interfaces and pull reports. And business users need to take control of data that was previously hidden in siloed databases.

Our solution, called TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business (CIDL), provides integrated data management, storage and security. It is provided to business users through a self-service user interface so they can rapidly build and deploy data lake applications that lead to new insights, better business decisions, the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences and the creation of sustainable competitive advantage.

Throw out what you know about setting up and deploying data lakes.  It’s time for something completely different.  Let your imagination run wild. Check out CIDL today.

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