Deliver More Value to Customers, Partners, and Your Business With a Future-proof Data Analytics Platform

In the face of continuous disruption and a constant deluge of new data sources, businesses are under pressure to quickly turn raw data from multiple sources into actionable insights and deliver [...]


How Retailers Can Prepare for the Unknown: Back to School Edition

We are heading back to school (maybe) during an uncertain time. As the above meme suggests, even consumers have no idea what their purchasing behaviors will be next month. So how can retailers? [...]


What’s Past is not Prologue: Retail Analytics in the age of COVID-19

Customer behavior today bears little resemblance to customer behavior yesterday, pre-pandemic. The predictive analytics retailers used to depend on for customer insights relied on historical [...]

Being Better is Not Enough: How Retailers Can Thrive Now and in a Post-COVID-19 World

The power is shifting from brands to consumers in the digital age and COVID-19 is accelerating that change. Consumers today have access to information anytime and anywhere, more choice and the [...]


Many Shades of Green: Attracting and Retaining Sustainability Buyers

For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, management consultancy Kearney conducted a survey of consumer attitudes toward sustainability and environmental impact twice, once on March 6 and again on [...]


Retail Business as Unusual- How to Respond to Customer Needs ‘Now’ and in a Post-COVID World

The prospect of a pandemic has been well known for years, but no one could have predicted the impact COVID-19 is having on our world. At times like these with everything in flux, it is difficult [...]


How Banks Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis Now Will Set Them up for the Future

In the rapidly changing environment of the COVID-19 crisis, banks and other financial institutions are facing a real-time test.  How are they responding to real customer needs, and how will that [...]


There’s Still Time for Retail Banks to Get Out Ahead of Open Banking

  Open banking is coming, and its arrival is not a question of if, but when. It’s already in Europe and the U.K. and savvy banks in the U.S. are getting ready now. Open banking–where [...]


Closing the Analytics Inequality Gap

We’re all familiar with the increasing income inequality gap many countries are experiencing.  A similar phenomenon is occurring in the world of big data analytics: what we call the analytics [...]


Consumers are Spoiled. So What Can Retailers Do About It?

I was once talking to my teenage son about his lack of gratitude for all that he had. I called him spoiled. His response? “Well, whose fault is that?” Did I give my precious child too much, too [...]

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