Leslie Hand, VP, IDC Retail Insights,
on the need to discover consumer personas

Despite advances in marketing technology, many brands fail to understand what their customers really need because consumer shopping habits are dynamic and multi-dimensional,” said Leslie Hand, Global Vice President, IDC Retail Insights. “They’re missing opportunities to cater to their unique needs at specific moments in time because they’re relying on stereotypes to develop the buyer personas that drive their sales and marketing strategies instead of using analytics to understand customer intent and context. For brands to deliver highly personalized, relevant and timely customer engagement, they must understand behavioral shifts by analyzing actual customer buying patterns and real-time interactions across digital and real-world scenarios. For example, TCS’ AI-powered Customer Intelligence & Insights software automatically discovers consumer personas hidden in a variety of customer interaction data across channels. This provides opportunities for brands to engage a consumer in the right context and in real-time so that they’re aligned with the individual’s shopping goals and intent.

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