Safety is the New CX, But then What?

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Banking Trends, Looking Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What’s Past is not Prologue: Retail Analytics in the age of COVID-19

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Physical Banking is Dead — Long Live Physical Banking!

Physical banking (as in walking into an actual brick-and-mortar branch office and speaking with real people) is going the way of 8 Track Tapes, dial telephones and Dodos.  The rise of online [...]

Being Better is Not Enough: How Retailers Can Thrive Now and in a Post-COVID-19 World

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Connected Consumer Insights Can Boost Brands

When Scandinavian Airlines System CEO Jan Carlzon was leading the turnaround of Scandinavian Airlines System in the 1980s, he recognized the critical importance of the countless interactions that [...]


Consumers are Spoiled. So What Can Retailers Do About It?

I was once talking to my teenage son about his lack of gratitude for all that he had. I called him spoiled. His response? “Well, whose fault is that?” Did I give my precious child too much, too [...]