Connected Intelligence Platform

Deliver Connected Experiences from a Single Unified Platform

TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group’s Connected Intelligence Platform (CIP) allows companies in consumer-facing industries to design highly targeted engagement solutions that meet the rising demands of connected consumers. Through Connected Consumer IntelligenceTM, CIP enables organizations large and small to leverage all available data in real time — from their company, the IoT, and third parties. With CIP, personalized customer experiences, driven by augmented intelligence, are continually improved by learning and adapting to each individual’s needs and expectations.

With Connected Consumer IntelligenceTM, organizations can create customer experiences that are so precise, timely and relevant, they’re prescient. Such positive, bespoke experiences have the potential to pressure companies in all industries to rethink their customer engagement strategy.

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Usage Examples

CIP enables organizations across industries to find novel ways of delighting their customers, directly and indirectly. For example, using CIP:

  • A credit card provider can leverage the data they collect from their network of partners to see that their customer has been filling up their gas tank along the East Coast and then leverage that network to find an offer for a hotel discount or a newly opened restaurant along the route.
  • An insurer can combine their behavior tracking data with data captured from location tracking sensors to build richer profiles and identify new usage-based products to compete with digital disruptors.
  • A manufacturing supervisor can confidently decide when to send their best technician, their new hire, or just a signal before an outage occurs and well before any negative customer impact – using nothing but the alerts on their mobile device.

The TCS Advantage

The robust CIP end-to-end data management and analytics platform enables organizations to quickly turn data into actionable insights for better decision making.


Accelerate Deployment of Connected Consumer Intelligence™

CIP provides an integrated, flexible data and analytics foundation that includes an end-to-end application development pipeline tuned to deliver Connected Consumer Intelligence™ along with application templates and use case accelerators. CIP enables organizations to:

  • Leverage Connected Consumer Intelligence™ to create hyper-personalized experiences
  • Blend data silos including physical, digital, front & back office, channels & devices
  • Configure real time responses that anticipate specific consumer needs
  • Collaborate with other organizations to create new forms of value


Lower TCO with an Open Foundation Built for Enterprise Scale

CIP is a complete foundation that comes fully configured with a patented all data architecture, security, and the tools developers and data scientists need to take advantage of all the data that is stored within the enterprise environments, captured in transactional systems, sourced from devices and sensors, or available through an API. Build-in data management and transformation means less time is spent trying to find a way to bring data together and more time spend on differentiating features. Built-in best practice methodology smoothens the path from idea to product and provides a blueprint for success. Enterprise-grade security and control ensure fit with corporate security standards and regulatory environments.


Increase Productivity with a Unified, Proven Technology+Solution

CIP is built to be complete, open and flexible. It can be used as a basis for any application that uses data and can support multiple applications concurrently. To help organizations take advantage of the power of this foundation, TCS provides total support including the Value Factory Methodology which codifies, through a simple ten step process, the path from idea to a working data-driven application.


  • Deliver the connected customer experiences that people are demanding
  • Anticipate specific consumer needs based on real-time situations
  • Create customer experiences that are so precise, timely and relevant, they’re prescient
  • Enable organizations large and small to leverage all available data in real time
  • Learn and adapt to each individual’s needs and expectations
  • Tap into IoT to make faster, better business decisions that improve customer experiences
  • Create and curate connected ecosystem experiences customers expect and respond to
  • Optimize engagement by mapping and understanding the customer journey

Connected Intelligence Platform Modules

CIP is a modular, yet comprehensive platform with integrated data management and analytics platform. It combines Enterprise Ready Hadoop with the streamlined data management features of a Simplified Data Lake and includes Integrated Data Science that support the ability to generate Actionable Insights. Centralized Administration provides for enterprise-grade governance and cluster management.

Enterprise-Ready Hadoop CIP is built on an open source Hadoop ecosystem, packaged & tested for enterprise adoption with integrated security and management for high scalability and performance. It offers openness & inter-operability with other commercial Hadoop solutions.

Simplified Data Lake provides integrated and streamlined data management functionality on a Hadoop distribution to rapidly build and deploy a robust enterprise data lake.

Integrated Data Science solution on Hadoop distribution to rapidly build and deploy high performance analytics using machine learning models.

Actionable Insights through reports, dashboards & KPIs for enterprise decision makers. Includes the ability to automate and deliver intelligent actions to enterprise systems and users leveraging the in-built business rules engine and analytics scoring engine

Centralized Administration with a unified administration console to administer the Hadoop clusters, define user access controls, automate the jobs, and perform system audits helps automate the administration tasks for better security, protection & governance.


Connected Intelligence Platform

TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group general manager and group head Seeta Hariharan highlights the key attributes of the Connected Intelligence Platform.

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