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Connected Intelligence Platform

The Challenge

Businesses today are inundated with customer, product, and operational data from internal and external sources, including streaming, IoT, and real time data from sensors, devices, mobile apps, and enterprise data centers.

As the volume, variety, and velocity of data continue to increase, businesses must find new and better ways to harness the insights hiding in their data to deliver more value to their customers and respond effectively to continuous disruptions to their industries.

The Solution

TCS Connected Intelligence Platform (CIP) is a unified data analytics platform that ingests, manages, and analyzes huge amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and deeper insights for better decision making.

CIP combines data engineering and data science capabilities in a seamless data platform with machine learning libraries, real-time processing of streaming data, a predictive scoring engine, workflow management, data visualization, and enterprise-grade security.


  • Accelerate data insights : Consolidate and transform raw data from multiple sources into trusted data insights.
  • Reduce need for highly skilled resources :Develop analytical use cases quickly and easily without the need for advanced technical skills.
  • Leverage existing investments and skill sets : Increase efficiency, reduce cost, and get more value from existing technology investments.
  • Reduce time to value : Simplify integrations and speed time to value with integrated analytics, visualization, management and security, and a robust set of APIs.
  • Streamline migration of use cases : Ease migration from development to test to production with built-in project management.
  • Ensure security and compliance : Streamline compliance with corporate security and data privacy requirements with enterprise-grade security and control.

Discover how you can accelerate your organizations digital transformation initiatives and deliver more value to your customers, partners, and your business.

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