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Deliver Hyper-personalized Connected Customer Experiences Across All Digital and Physical Touchpoints

The TCS Advantage

Unlike general purpose advanced analytics or domain-specific analytics solutions, CI&I for Retail delivers out-of-the box business value via industry-specific use cases. CI&I for Retail doesn’t require extensive professional services to integrate, resulting in quick time-to-value and low TCO.

CI&I for Retail offers specific use cases of high value to retail customers – from personas to shopping basket analysis, to segmentation to hyper-personalized next best action and customer journey analytics.

The CI&I Retail Platform that supports the solution has enterprise-grade security, workflow, administration, scalability, and includes capabilities for AI, machine learning, deep learning, and real-time processing, and an intuitive drag-and-drop data pipeline canvas with APIs for seamless integrations.

Visualize Customer Behaviors, Preferences and Goals Across all Digital and Physical Touch-points

View detailed Customer 360 dashboards and automatically discover buyer personas that reflect actual consumer behavior. Perform shopping basket analysis and surface personalized product recommendations in real time. Bridge the physical-digital divide in the shopper’s journey to deliver seamless, consistent experiences across all channels: websites, apps, chatbots, stores, call centers, etc. Retailers can now deliver targeted interactions at the right moment, on the right channel, and to the right customer.

Optimize Customer Journeys

Identify high (and low)-performing customer journeys and use the Journey Canvas to model optimized journeys for all customers with system-generated next-best offers and actions in real time.

Easily integrate and deliver the insights and recommendation to front-line customer-facing systems and stakeholders, such as marketing automation systems, PoS, websites, mobile apps and more. Retailers can start delivering value deliver value with as few as 4-5 customer attributes.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Accelerated Deployment of Retail Customer Analytics and Support Home-grown Use Cases

CI&I for Retail is built using retail industry standard data models and formats. It is pre-configured to securely leverage data unique to retailers, such as POS data sources along with emerging data sources such as social media, digital footprints, and more.

Built using extensive TCS expertise gained from implementing thousands of solutions for retailers, CI&I for Retail includes the necessary security protocols and can be configured to support any number of privacy standards based on customer need.

CI&I for Retail Application Modules

The Customer Analytics Module helps retailers understand customer behaviors and personas, develop segmentation strategies, discover and model shopper journeys, and improve customer engagement based on demographic, psychographic and transactional customer data using machine learning techniques and proprietary statistical algorithms. Customer Analytics includes: Customer Digital Persona, Shopping Basket Analysis, Customer 360 views, Customer Journey Canvas and Customer Journey Discovery.

The Contextual Recommendations Module includes Next Best Offer/Next Best Action as well as Real-time Product Recommendations. CI&I Retail uses machine learning algorithms to automatically surface next best customer action or the next best product offer.


TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail

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Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail

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