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Deliver Hyper-personalized Connected Customer Experiences Across All Digital and Physical Touchpoints

The TCS Advantage

Hyper-personalize the Banking Experience

Tailored for the banking industry and developed by industry experts, CI&I for Banking leverages banking-specific analytic models to provide deep, actionable insights, right out of the box. With a 360-degree understanding of each customer, comprehensive dashboards, scoring, insights, and real-time offer recommendations, banks can retain and sell more to current customers, attract and acquire new customers, and deliver superior, connected digital/physical experiences.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

With automated customer persona discovery, retail banks can build campaigns knowing that they are focusing the right offers and actions on the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Marketers can use the dynamic customer segmentation and offer recommendation features to build and deliver campaigns that drive higher conversion rates while reducing costs.

Streamline Customer-facing Operations

Retail banks can leverage insights from digital and physical customer interactions to improve the entire connected customer experience including back-end and customer facing processes for customer product journeys across tellers, products, branches and customer types. A built-in alert framework lets users choose when and how corrective actions are delivered to business stakeholders.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Accelerate Deployment of Customer Analytics for Banking and Support User-developed Analytics

CI&I for Banking is built using banking industry standard data models and formats. It is pre-configured to securely leverage data unique to retail banks. The proven, out-of-the-box use cases solve critical challenges immediately and the low-code, ‘self-serve’ data science tools and data lake enable simplified development of supplemental use cases as needed, maximizing scarce data science resources, and it can be deployed in just 10-12 weeks. The platform includes workflow, administration and enterprise grade security for data privacy requirements. Built with open source technology on a future-proof foundation, CI&I for Banking complements existing IT investments and drives intelligence into front-line systems such as marketing automation, websites, chatbots, and mobile apps.

CI&I for Banking Application Modules

CI&I for Banking includes four application modules: Customer AnalyticsMarketing Analytics, Operational Analytics, and Contextual Recommendations.

The Customer Analytics module provides insights into behaviors, sentiments, propensities, interactions and selling opportunities. Customer 360 and Customer Base Views functions provide deep visibility across the customers’ omni-channel experience.

The solution automatically discovers highly differentiated Customer Personas to help advise targeting and campaign strategies. Built in Scoring converts customer data into KPI-based actionable insights.

The Behavior and Propensity Models let you understand when and why customers churn, or why they buy more products. This module also includes the ability to configure Next-best Offer Recommendations, and Customer Experience Alerts let you understand when and why a customer, or a group of customers, are having a service issue or require intervention.

The Marketing Analytics module includes Dynamic Customer Segmentation, so that you can easily create highly targeted customer lists from rich customer personas – based on the latest details of each customer. The Event-based Marketing feature enables users to configure targeted campaigns based on financial and life events.

The Operational Analytics module includes Customer Journey Analytics to support customer centric operations, so that you can define and monitor key processes across employees, branches, product types, and more.

Product Fulfillment Operations capabilities help monitor and optimize processes such as a loan application. Business users can monitor customer on-boarding experiences from an operational standpoint (i.e. how fast are we processing mortgage applications at each branch, for particular customer types). This module includes a KPI Alert framework to automate the delivery of corrective calls to action to key internal stakeholders. For example, you can set an alert that will automate the delivery of an email (with corrective actions) to a branch employee if the average processing time for a loan application for high value customers exceeds X days.

The Contextual Recommendations module brings real-time insights to CI&I for Banking so that customer-facing business users can rank offers mapped to the customer at the moment of interaction to drive product adoption and deliver hyper-personalized customer experience. And the Alert Framework and Next Best Actions capability lets users understand when actions are needed and helps determine and deliver the best actions for each customer based on their situation, preferences, and goals.


TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Banking

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