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Usage Examples

CI&I for Banking enables retail banks to create exceptional customer experiences that drive differentiation, loyalty and growth. For example:

  • Enable your customer service specialists to automatically pinpoint customers who are likely to leave, and understand what offers and actions will keep them from defecting.
  • Help the service managers to automatically identify hot spots in customer facing operations, such as paperwork that’s stuck in a queue or a service call that isn’t getting resolved on time — and generate customer specific recommendations to restore customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Provide marketing with the understanding of exactly which customers are more likely to respond to particular offers, either your own or those of your partner ecosystem and leverage that insight to craft personalized offers that your customers want.

The TCS Advantage

Get what you need

Tailored for the banking industry and developed by industry experts, CI&I for Banking leverages banking-specific analytic models to provide deep, actionable insights, right out of the box. With a 360-degree understanding of each customer, banks can retain and sell more to current customers, attract and acquire new customers and market segments, and drive operational costs down.

Get going, fast

CI&I for Banking is designed for the business user to access and analyze their data quickly, reducing reliance on IT and data scientists, or long cycles of iteration that usually occurs when interfacing with traditional analytics departments and teams. CI&I’s prebuilt industry applications and use cases, out of the box reporting and dashboards, and extended web services are all designed to speed integration with existing (or planned) systems and achieve rapid time to value.

Get ready for the future

CI&I for Banking runs on a scalable, agile and flexible platform. This platform delivers fast time to value and low cost of ownership.

This platform provides:

  • An integrated data induction and data management architecture
  • A prebuilt banking industry data mart for fast deployment
  • Industry-specific, prebuilt reports and dashboards spanning product fulfillment, collections and recovery, customer services, back office operations, risk and fraud mitigation and wealth management

CI&I for Banking Application Modules

CI&I for Banking comes with three application modules: Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics and Operational Analytics. These modules are core application components that form a singular solution.

The Customer Analytics module provides insights into behaviors, sentiments, propensities, interactions and selling opportunities. Customer 360 Insight provides deep visibility across the omni-channel experience. The software includes out-of-the-box tools and dashboard to develop rich customer personas and scoring. The Customer Journey Monitoring, and Propensity Modeling functions let you track customer actions to understand when and why customers churn, or why they buy more products. Customer Experience Alerts let you understand when and a customer, or a group of customers, are having a service issue, applying for a loan, or are taking the next step in a key process.

The Marketing Analytics module includes Dynamic Customer Segmentation, so that you can easily create highly targeted customer lists from rich customer personas – based on the latest details of each customer. And the Next Best Actions capability surfaces recommendations for product offers and cross-sell opportunities based on cross analysis of customer product journeys.

The Operational Analytics module includes process configuration and analytics to support customer centric operations, so that you can define and monitor key processes across employees, branches, product types, and more. The module also offers product fulfillment analytics, such as a loan application and fulfillment process. You can monitor customer onboarding experiences from an operational standpoint (how fast are we processing mortgage applications at each branch, for high value customers, etc.). And the module includes a KPI Alert framework, to automate the delivery of corrective calls to action to key internal stakeholders. For example, you can set an alert that will automate the delivery of an email (with corrective actions) to branch employee if the average processing time for a loan application for high value customers is exceeding 2 weeks (or some other KPI).

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