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Deliver Hyper-personalized Experiences With Insights Across Customers, Networks, Content and Operations

CSPs are facing exceedingly challenging times, with saturated markets, eroding revenues, and growing competition from non-traditional service providers and increasing customer expectations. Today’s customers expect higher quality, more choice, personalized experiences, and greater value.

TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for Communications, designed specifically for the telecommunications industry, helps communication service providers (CSPs) hyper-personalize and improve the customer experience, drive revenue growth and improve operational efficiency.

CI&I for Communications software delivers pre-built use cases for customer analytics, content analytics, network analytics and operational analytics. These modules are packaged with a scalable enterprise insights platform, the CI&I Communications Platform, with unified data management and low-code self-service capabilities that help telecom and OTT service providers deliver timely contextual customer engagement while improving operational efficiency.

Usage Examples

With CI&I for Communications, CSPs can understand and address customers’ needs via customer 360 base analysis, single customer view, dynamic customer segmentation and digital persona plus customer experience analytics. They can improve customer experience with personalized content recommendations. They can improve subscriber network experience with network analytics, and optimize their portfolio by understanding product usage patterns, affinities, costs, revenues and growth patterns.

CI&I for Communications provides communication service providers (CSPs) with out-of-the-box analytics use cases and dashboards to improve the customer experience. For example:

  • Proactively manage shortfalls in experience KPIs such as network outages and service resolution with a personalized service approach based on your customer’s unique characteristics.
  • Provide personalized “Top Trending” and “Recommendations for You” content recommendations to customers.
  • Improve customer experience and reduce churn by detecting the cause of network outages and identifying drivers for customer satisfaction across service areas and customer groups.
  • Personalize marketing and service based on customer characteristics, network experience, service usage, and service expectations without having to code models, build dashboards, or create customer reports.

The TCS Advantage

The powerful, IoT-enabled CI&I for Communications platform collects information from all your relevant sources of customer, operational and network data. Built on open-source technology, it delivers faster time to value and lower cost of ownership.

CI&I for Communications is built on an innovative data lake management platform with a built-in data model for CSPs. It includes industry-specific, pre-built uses cases and supports the development of additional custom use cases. It ingests and analyzes the data sources that are relevant to your customers and network and service operations. It leverages existing IT investments, avoids vendor lock-in and promotes integration with existing IT infrastructure via standard APIs, platform services and data models.

CI&I for Communications Application Modules

CI&I for Communications comes with four application modules: Customer Analytics, Content Analytics, Network Analytics and Operational Analytics. These modules are core application components that form a singular solution.

The Customer Analytics module provides rich, pre-configured analytics that enable CSPs to understand and improve the efficacy and quality of their customer interactions. Key features include customer experience tracking and Customer 360. Customer 360 provides dashboards, reports and alerts with the ability to drill down to the individual customer. The solution helps CSPs improve targeting and deliver hyper-personalized offers with digital persona discovery and dynamic customer segmentation.

The Content Analytics module provides ‘Top Trending’ and ‘Recommendations for You’ content recommendations to anonymous and logged in customers to increase customer engagement through focused targeting.

The Network Analytics module correlates usage, network and subscriber data into subscriber-level network insights that help CSPs control churn.

The Operational Analytics module supports determining the right mix of products and improvements for overall portfolio profitability by providing insight into product usage patterns, costs, and revenue. It helps analyze product-based revenue earned, cost incurred, and subscription growth / decay over a period of time. The module is divided into three areas of analysis including a list of dashboard reports and pre-built reports in each section.

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