TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Communications

Real-time customer analytics across content, networks, and operations experience

The Challenge

Communications service providers (CSPs) are struggling to keep pace with growing consumer expectations and exploding feature demands – the ability to share experiences in real-time via social media, customized products and services, access to consumable content anywhere and anytime, flawless network service, and superior customer service.

At the same time there is more competition from pay-as-you go streaming services, and traditional landline, national and international long-distance revenues are disappearing to VoIP and social platform technologies. Facing steep infrastructure and regulatory costs, these emerging challenges are forcing CSPs to focus on delivering superior hyper-personalized experiences to drive customer loyalty and sustain revenues.

The Solution

Leveraging advanced analytics, TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for Communications provides deep, cross-product insights into customers’ usage patterns, content preferences, service experience and expectations. CI&I for Communications analyzes across customer, network and operations data enabling CSPs to understand drivers of customer satisfaction, optimize and personalize service and content offerings, analyze product usage and network experience and improve targeting for product and service and content offerings.

Additionally TCS CI&I for Communications enables proactive customer life-cycle management, so you can influence customer engagement at every touch point. It is a fully integrated software analytics solution powered by an integrated data management and IoT analytics platform..


  • Improve customer experience. Hyper-personalize customer experiences with custom offers and targeted content, improve the customer care experience and identify churn causes with call analytics.
  • Attract new customers. Draw new and keep existing customers with 360 views, digital personas, content propensity, pricing, bundling, and unbundling to drive new business.
  • Maximize customer lifetime value. Increase wallet share through household value analysis, content bundle propensity, and customer-centric pricing strategies.
  • Reduce operational costs. Streamline data management by eliminating data silos and unify all your data and analytics initiatives on a single platform.

Would you like to increase your mobile customer loyalty while gaining insights on how drive more revenue?

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