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The Challenge

Today’s consumers have instant access to information and limitless choices. Yet retailers face continual disruption that is forcing them to reimagine how to deliver value, stand out, and personalize the retail experience for every individual.

To thrive, retailers must incorporate all customer data – from digital interactions as well as the physical world – by breaking down data silos and applying advanced analytics to surface actionable customer insights and recommendations in real time.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches that utilize big, generic technology platforms or niche point solutions require major investments and long timelines to customize, integrate, and deploy.

The Solution

TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for Retail is fully integrated, out-of-the-box customer analytics software that helps retailers capture the data-driven insights necessary to understand the constantly changing needs of customers and deliver memorable experiences that set them apart.

CI&I for Retail ingests customer data across multiple physical and digital channels so retailers can model highly personalized and timely engagement campaigns that drive growth, loyalty, and differentiation. It uses analytics, AI, and machine learning capabilities to identify key attributes and create detailed personas for a deeper understanding of customer interests, behaviors, goals, and preferences. Next-best actions and insights can be channeled to front-line systems (such as marketing automation platforms, POS, websites, mobile apps, etc.) to deliver superior experiences and drive more relevant engagement throughout the customer journey – spanning the digital world and real-life experiences.


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TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail

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