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Today’s customers have more power, more choice, higher expectations and a stronger voice. Traditionally, retailers have distilled the buyer’s journey down to a single leverage-able moment – the classic “moment of truth”. But there’s been an evolution of the “moment of truth” – really a disruption! While the focus on single points of customer engagement is and always will be salient, what gets lost is the big picture, the forest for the trees – the connected customer experience. The “moment of truth” has expanded to a series of engagements across multiple channels, in an ecosystem that’s often more than one organization alone. Creating, curating, and optimizing connected customer experiences is critical for any retailer that wants to succeed in today’s market. Differentiation and growth cannot be achieved by products and services alone.

CI&I for Retail is software created specifically for multi-channel retailers to enable them to increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness by elevating the end-to-end connected customer experience.

CI&I for Retail is the technology solution that can help by creating a 360 profile of each customer, mapping their buyer journey, and generating highly relevant, contextual next best actions – be it an offer or recommendation.

CI&I for Retail uses machine learning as applied AI to understand current and future customer behavior, and is an open, extensible platform that readily fits into and with existing and emerging IT environments. This future-ready solution allows Retailers to step in and create exceptional end-to-end customer experiences and leverage any existing customer analytics, reporting and engagement investments already in place.

Usage Examples

CI&I for Retail enables retailers to create engaging omni-channel shopping journeys that delight customers and increase profits. For example:

  • Pinpoint when/where/why customers abandon your path to purchase, and understand how to keep the customer on the path to purchase to improve your conversion rates.
  • Recommend personalized offers and product bundles based on discovered customer preferences at just the right time to exactly the right persona.
  • Focus attention on high value customers with personalized offers for your products and services, those of your partner ecosystem, or a combination that incentivize continued brand allegiance and foster customer delight.

The TCS Advantage

CI&I for Retail is a fully integrated customer analytics software solution built on open-source technology and designed specifically for retail.

Personalize the omni-channel journey

CI&I for Retail uses advanced analytics, machine learning, and decision rules to uncover buyer personas and their shopping journeys.

Beyond this unique understanding, the software enables retailers to personalize the shopping journeys based on persona characteristics and actions. Retailers can now guide their customers through a personalized journey using data-driven offers and recommendations delivered at the right moment, on the right channel, and to the right customer.

Open, Extensible, Scalable All-data Environment

CI&I for Retail is built on an innovative open-source-based architecture that enables fast deployment at lower cost and can scale to accommodate all data sources that are relevant to your customers and their journeys.

It leverages existing IT investments, avoids vendor lock-in, and promotes integration with existing IT infrastructure via standard APIs, platform services, and data models.

Built for Retailers

CI&I for Retail is built using retail industry standard data models and formats. It is pre-configured to securely leverage data unique to retailers, such as POS data sources along with emerging data sources such as social media, digital footprints, and more.

Built using extensive TCS expertise gained from implementing thousands of solutions for retailers, CI&I for Retail includes the necessary security protocols and can be configured to support any number of privacy standards based on customer need.

CI&I for Retail Application Modules

CI&I for Retail offers two modules to help retailers address high value use cases. These modules are core application components that form a singular solution.

The Customer Analytics Module helps retailers discover shopper journeys and improve customer engagement based on demographic, psychographic and transactional customer data using machine learning techniques and proprietary statistical algorithms. Customer analytics includes Customer Digital Persona, Customer Journey Canvas and Customer Journey Discovery.

The Contextual Recommendations Module includes Next Best Offer/Next Best Action as well as the ability to define Customer Journey Rules. CI&I Retail uses machine learning algorithms to automatically surface next best customer action or the next best product offer and recommend best fit actions based on historical shopper behaviors and transactions. This powerful combination of algorithms and rules help retailers create the most relevant interactions at each stage of the journey to improve conversion and customer satisfaction.

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