Digital Software & Solutions Partners

Together Digital Software & Solutions and our partners offer industry the latest innovations in technology that move business forward

Armeta Analytics helps organizations solve their most complex challenges with a proven team of data scientists, engineers and business executives whose sole focus is to find opportunities buried in your data.

Leverage our decades of experience taking data in any format from any system and enabling our Fortune 500 clients with dashboards and reports that drive revenue, maximize profitability and capture new customers.

Asponte Technology is a highly specialized, deeply technical consulting firm focusing on Mobile Development, Java Development, Systems Integration, Web Content Management, User Experience Design, and User Interface Design.

At Asponte Technology the core of our consulting model is our philosophy to maintain a deep vertical skill set. This approach gives us the ability to provide our clients high quality services and exceptional results.

BigIdea Technologies is a Management Consulting firm that helps enterprises drive End-to-End Digital Transformation. We bring comprehensive data-analytics, process & intelligent automation capabilities with deep industry knowledge across Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities & Telecom. Bigidea’s unique ability to realize quick value through cloud based, low-code/no-code solutions drives results supported by a consultative, hands-on approach by the leadership team.

Cnetric is a global systems integrator, with over 16 years of experience, disrupting the world of digital commerce. Our core engines of change are our products, Dr. Commerce and Universal Commerce, which diagnose and unify best of enterprise-grade digital commerce software. We offer customers a true choice of software vendors and cloud hosting environments, at significantly reduced costs.

DAS is an award-winning technology consulting firm that delivers innovative technology and analytics solutions which help organizations reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in Content Management, Data Analytics and IT Managed Services, and is skilled in the areas of Statistical Analysis & Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Unstructured Data Management, Business Process Analysis, Machine-Learning and AI​ and Text Analytics/Natural Language Processing.

DataFactZ is a Business Analytics company that helps companies manage and leverage data with a suite of professional services in Data Engineering, Data Science, and Decision Science.  We are experts at helping our client make their data consumable, generate insights and turn those insights into data driven decisions.

Zuci Systems is an intelligent automation solutions company helping businesses produce high-quality software with the help of artificial intelligence, and deep learning models. It combines a suite of products and solutions into a unique banking-as-a-platform solution, embracing lending, payments, and risk management. Its analytics solution is helping financial institutions with actionable insights to drive sales and manage credit risk portfolio. 

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