The Modern Banking Imperative: Creating Hyper-personalized, Connected Customer Experiences

Today’s connected customers have more choices,
tools, and information than ever.

Banks that wish to remain relevant need to go beyond
next-best offers and targeted marketing and delivers a
more customized, relevant, and end-to-end journey.

To learn more, download this complimentary white paper by Jeffrey Abbott and Phil Manasian for key recommendations including:

  • Hyper-personalization requires deep insights about each connected customer journey so that marketers can deliver the right offer to each person at the right time and place along their connected physical-digital journey
  • Tech-savvy companies that put personalization at the heart of their digital banking business models have raised customer expectations for personalized, connected experiences and fostered consumer willingness to trade data for improved digital banking experiences
  • Leveraging data, artificial intelligence and machine learning in banking to offer a best in class experience — not by displacing human interaction but by empowering it
  • Hyper-personalization, via AI and augmented analytics, focused on very specific, business-driven use cases can unlock the logjam in Banking
  • Providers of CRM tools, customer data platforms, analytics platforms, marketing automation tools, or banking point solutions have been quick to jump on the “we have a customer experience (CX) solution” bandwagon.
  • To stay competitive and drive growth, loyalty and differentiation, brick-and-mortar banks – need to hyper-personalize customer engagement strategy and deliver superior, connected customer experiences in banking
  • While marketers might think they are personalizing or even hyper-personalizing digital customer engagement in banking Insurance, chances are they’re skimming the surface
  • And much more!

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