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This morning, my phone disabled my house alarm, turned on my room light, turned off my outdoor lights and set my thermostat to a mellow 72 degrees. This is just a hair shy of what science fiction predicted would happen and is very close to a scene from The Jetsons (strongly encourage you to watch an episode or two).  This connected experience isn’t about technology. It’s about expectations.  Every new connection sets the bar higher. The last great experience becomes the new minimum expectation.

The ability to deliver an exceptional connected experience is the new competitive battlefield across industries, governments, and domains. Today’s Cities and Enterprises realize the need for connected experiences as a way to attract businesses and customers respectively. Though the “connected” in “connected experience” can be addressed by today’s technology, addressing the “experience” is an art that can only be addressed by a new form for intelligence that we call Connected Consumer Intelligence™.

What makes Connected Consumer Intelligence™ new and different is that it’s an analytical approach that puts the individual – be it a customer, citizen, patient, student, or even a marketer waking up in the morning – at the center of the equation. It takes the connected experience that the individual is seeking to attain and delivers the intelligence and insights required to create and curate it. And to many organizations, this also means considering the points of engagement that occur with partners and other 3rd parties. As my smart house evolves, the winning provider will be the one that considers all of the aspects of my experience, not just that piece that they deliver.

This is the background against which TCS has introduced its ground-breaking Connected Intelligence Platform (CIP). It’s the only platform that can deliver the Connected Consumer Intelligence™ required to deliver the exceptional experiences that have become essential to compete in today’s world. CIP is a proven IoT analytics platform as it’s the basis of TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) software offerings for Retail, Banking, and Communications Service Providers, and TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) software for smart cities. CI&I and IUX customers are already taking advantage of Connected Consumer Intelligence™ to deliver experiences that are differentiating their products and services, and CIP now make’s that possible in every industry. One of our first examples will be showing how insurance companies can deliver finely tuned experiences to their customers that feature highly personalized plans and services within a larger ecosystem of engagement. Soon after that we’ll show how manufacturers can leverage Connected Consumer Intelligence™ to put themselves ahead of their competition. But it doesn’t stop there.

CIP Accelerates the Development and Deployment of Multiple Applications – CIP enables organizations to rapidly deliver multiple use cases on a single platform and quickly realize the business value of Big Data and analytics.

Companies in all industries can use CIP to design timely customer engagement strategies that logically connect each individual touch point along a consumer’s digital and physical journey not only with their firm, but with their multiple partner organizations and brands. TCS’ Digital Software & Solutions Group has coupled this powerful technology with the Value Factory Method, a step-by-step proven approach that accelerates value creation.

CIP’s Step by Step Value Factory Model Approach Accelerates Business Value Realization

What customer experience will YOU build today to create true competitive differentiation? Learn more about Connected Consumer Intelligence™.

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