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The 360 degree Customer View: Big Data Analytics – A Five Part Series

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I visited Big Bend National Park. Situated in far west Texas, Big Bend was a long 10-hour drive from Houston. With my two kids and dog, I spent 4 days trekking and hiking the trails and paddling on the Rio Grande (though it was freezing cold due to cold front that came through Texas).

We had planned to drive back on Thursday – I had made reservations a year in advance and did not realize that I would be driving back on Thanksgiving Day. As we covered the 700+ mile journey back home, I soon realized that most restaurants and fast food chains were closed due to the Holiday. As I passed through town after town, it dawned upon me that finding a place to eat was going to be a challenge. My kids who had their fill of sugar-coated snacks bought from gas stations, demanded a “hot meal.” On the outskirts of San Antonio as I pulled off the highway, I found a local fast food restaurant open. I drove up to the drive through, only to find that the line snaked round the building and onto the road.

We patiently waited in the car; I was pleasantly surprised to find the line moving quickly. As I drove up to order, I realized that the restaurant had modified its usual menu and was only offering food that could be made to order quickly. Happy to finally find a place to eat, we quickly placed our order and drove off with the food much faster than originally anticipated.

In order to improve customer experience, this local fast food chain was monitoring the number of cars in the drive through lanes and the front registers, enriching the data with eternal factors like weather conditions (think of an ice cream promotion on a hot summer day or hot cocoa on a cold winter) and modifying the menu based on all these factors. During non-peak hours, the chain would offer higher margin, longer to cook items on the menu.

In order to succeed in today’s cut-throat business environment, several enterprises are turning Big Data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Larger enterprises traditionally have larger IT budgets and technical and data science departments and prefer to build their analytics solutions in-house. Mid-sized companies are challenged with the technical complexity of integrating various systems to manage the exponential data growth.

A survey by Forrester found that sourcing, managing, and governing as well as assembling the right platform for data management, analytics and insight execution were major inhibitors to implementing big data analytics solutions.


(Source: “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Insight Platforms, Q1 2019”)

TCS Digital Software and Solutions Group (DS&S) offers the Connected Intelligence Platform (CIP) that pre-integrates the technology required to build systems of insight and thus help businesses move faster. CIP is an out of the box, business ready insights platform eliminating complex point-to-point data integrations across multiple components – it provides best of suite capabilities from data lakes, data warehouse, data wrangling and advanced analytic modeling

CIP can help enterprises by

  • Delivering business insights in weeks, rather than in months
  • It can be used by semi-technical users – it is a low code platform for use case development and deployment
  • It has a low code, drag-drop stream processing canvas that can be used by existing teams to quickly operationalize real time insights
  • It preserves existing investments – it is an open standard based platform to prevent vendor lock-in and possesses multiple integration points for co-existing with current IT landscape

The benefits of data analytics are becoming harder for SMBs to ignore. The Connected Intelligence Platform enables small and mid-sized businesses to deliver insights without the need for a large IT or Data Science team. Learn more about the TCS Connected Intelligence Platform by clicking here.


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