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Intelligent Urban Exchange

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange Solution

IUX delivers real-time insights across city domains by integrating with the existing IoT infrastructure, thereby optimizing the city-functions for sustainability and superior citizen experience. IUX collects and analyzes historical and real-time data, from a wide array of sources:

  • Networks and systems
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Social media and open city data
  • Water, transportation and energy systems

IUX’s open, scalable architecture offers cities and partners the ultimate flexibility, with modules that enable them to buy what they need today and add future capabilities as needed. IUX’s Information Exchange Gateway provides partners and the city ecosystem with a way to easily exchange real-time intelligence and alerts with all the city’s stakeholders.

Out-of-the-box IUX modules include City Command Center, Intelligent Energy, Intelligent Transportation and Intelligent Energy. Each application includes domain-specific capabilities designed to optimize management and operations and solve real city problems.

IUX modules are underpinned by the IUX City Data Platform, a robust, low-code analytics platform built with open-source components. The City Data Platform can be extended to support additional analytics initiatives–letting developers and partners integrate and deploy their own PMML analytics models quickly and efficiently. The platform includes a rich set of APIs for simplified integration with smart-city systems and applications.

IUX City Command Center

The IUX City Command Center module is a scalable offering built on the TCS City Data Platform that enables city managers to view, analyze and optimize city-level functions and events in real-time across departments.

IUX Intelligent Energy

This module optimizes streetlight operation and buildings based on real-time factors such as weather, traffic, footfall, crime rate patterns, and events.

IUX Intelligent Transportation

This module addresses challenges related to a city’s transportation services, such as increasing bus ridership, reducing wait time, improving capacity and increasing utilization.

IUX Intelligent Water

This module helps solve water conservation issues, including reducing non-revenue water, optimizing capital allocation and reducing maintenance truck rolls.


  • Accelerate Rollout of Smart City Programs: Leverage prebuilt solutions for transportation, energy, water and other services. Create new tools as well.
  • Lower Your City’s Operational Costs: Harness IUX’s flexible, open-source-based architecture to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • Promote Economic Growth and Local Innovation: Expand city commerce and boost tax revenue by letting local businesses leverage real-time data and analytics.
  • Provide More Reliable and Useful Citizen Services: Improve public infrastructure to make services more valuable to citizens.

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange Solution

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