Smart Cities and Businesses: Connected Citizen Experience, Crisis Management, Business Continuity

Intelligent Urban Exchange

The Challenge

By 2050 two-thirds of the world population will live in cities. Crucial urban services must be responsive, flexible and integrated as never before to effectively serve citizens and commerce amidst such expansive growth.

Urban planners and city administrators are increasingly relying on smart technologies to achieve these goals, and to continue providing clean, safe, connected, and sustainable citizen environments.

The Solution

TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) is a modular, fully-integrated big data and IoT analytics software solution that helps connected cities and businesses deliver more intelligent workplaces and citizen experiences, with modules for workplace safety, incident response, crisis management, and intelligent energy, water, and transportation enabling them to achieve greater levels of resilience, compliance, sustainability, and prosperity. It is a fully integrated software analytics solution powered by an integrated data management and IoT analytics platform.



  • Enables Cross-departmental Visibility : Intelligent dashboards deliver single view across city or business departments and functions provides more resilient operations, safer workplaces and urban areas, and smarter public services.
  • Empowers Faster, Better Decision-Making : Monitor critical systems in real time – incorporating and analyzing big data from sensors, IoT, mobile devices, web, and data center to coordinate and optimize performance, safety, compliance, and costs.
  • Builds Continuity for Long-term Growth : Digitally transform disparate systems with AI and machine learning that provides connected intelligence that predicts future issues and recommends mitigation tactics.
  • Crisis Management and Covid-19 : Recover from major crises and major disruptions to workplace safety, operations, business services and public systems.


Are you ready to deliver a world-class connected, intelligent and responsive environment to your workforce and citizens ?


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TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange Solution

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