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Optimize Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency continues to be an urgent priority for cities. To cope with continued urban growth, cities must find new ways to improve urban energy efficiency through proactive energy management, increased renewable adoption and reduced carbon footprint.

Cities are turning to new digital technologies to achieve these goals and create more livable and sustainable environments for their citizens.

TCS’ Intelligent Energy software solution–build on the Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) foundation–is designed to help cities use less energy while supporting public safety goals. IoT and machine-learning capabilities, combined with industry-specific analytical models, create city and building-specific solutions that are capable of automated energy optimization in real time.

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The TCS Advantage

Get real-time insights

IUX Intelligent Energy collects and analyzes all data types—structured and unstructured, real-time and historical, IoT and sensors—for real-time performance monitoring and analysis of streetlight efficiency. It benchmarks performance against industry standards to identify areas of improvement. Additionally, it quickly identifies streetlights that are underperforming.

Get into action

IUX Intelligent Energy delivers recommended actions using a unique optimization model and a proprietary real- time edge analytics agent that communicates with existing systems. Pre-built energy data models for streetlights help identify optimal operation. Optimized schedules adapt to a city’s priorities, such as maximum energy savings, minimized consumption, carbon reduction, etc.

Get ready for the future

Plug-and-play integration features make it easy to integrate with existing streetlight infrastructure through an energy-specific data model. The software ingests data from all types of sources and allows cities and partners to rapidly and easily extend the solution’s pre-built data model to additional use cases.

IUX Intelligent Energy

City streetlights can consume 40-50% of a city’s energy. Many cities have updated some of their streetlights with LED fixtures and are now looking for solutions which will reduce the time period for recovering the capex investments. Our solution can provide additional savings of up to 15-25% over and above the savings from transitioning to LED – leading to faster ROI.

IUX Intelligence Energy includes the packaged Adaptive Streetlight Optimization use-case. Adaptive Streetlight Optimization collects and analyzes real-time and historical data from exiting sensors, infrastructure, and other IoT sources (such as weather, crime, outage, traffic and pedestrian data) for real-time performance monitoring and analysis of streetlight efficiency. The Dashboard has drill down and analysis functionality for the operations manager to analyze the cause of high energy consumption and decide on the course of action. It helps identify areas of improvement and quickly identifies streetlights that are underperforming.

This enables energy optimization that is based on more holistic situational awareness – with analysis that considers changing patterns of traffic, weather, crime, emergencies, and other events. Additionally, the Adaptive Streetlight Optimization unifies visibility and analysis across multiple brands and types of deployed streetlights.

Cities and partners can rapidly and easily build additional use cases using IUX Intelligent Energy by extending and adapting the pre-build data model.


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