Smart Public Light Monitoring and Adaptive Street Light Optimization

Intelligent Urban Exchange – Intelligent Energy

The Challenge

Efficient energy management is an urgent priority for cities worldwide. Streetlights – essential to the overall safety and livability of cities –consume as much as 40-50% of city energy usage.

To cope with urban growth and the need to minimize energy consumption and costs, cities must build smart energy management into their operational command centers. They must do this while providing safer urban environments and public services for citizens in their growing cities.

The Solution

TCS IUX for Intelligent Energy is an integrated, end-to-end energy optimization system based on real-time analytics focusing on streetlights. It enables cities to meet their sustainability targets through integrated energy efficiency planning, forecasting energy demand across the city and providing insights on ways to optimize energy usage.

Monitoring constantly changing situations across a city TCS IUX for Intelligent Energy incorporates real-time weather, crime, outages, traffic and pedestrian data to create a city specific analytical model that optimizes streetlighting to match current street conditions. It is a fully integrated software analytics solution powered by an integrated data management and IoT analytics platform.


  • Public Light Monitoring : Monitor and analyze streetlight energy performance against set efficiency targets.
  • Adaptive Street Light Optimization : Manage and operate city streetlight systems optimally achieving minimizing energy consumption and managing citizen’s safety & security.
  • Plug & Play : Easy integration with existing standards-based lighting control systems.
  • Single View of City : Integrated city level view of energy consumption enabling consistent, efficient intelligent city energy program rollouts.
  • Capital Cost Reduction : Subscription pricing defrays capital outlay costs.
  • Standardization: Normalize data from different digital and physical instrumentation sources and stay compliant through energy data model that adheres to leading industry standards (IEC, ETSI, OSG).


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