Cross domain urban insight for integrated city operations

City Command Center

Optimize Multi-domain City Functions

Cities are turning to technology to achieve more livable and sustainable environments for their citizens. Smart cities combine data from multiple city domains and run advanced analytics that drive real-time strategic and operational decision-making and actions. Cities need a central operations platform and hub that can provide cross-domain urban insights for integrated city operations.

TCS IUX City Command Center is part of a modular and scalable offering that enables the city manager to view, analyze and optimize city-level functions and events in real time across departments.

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The TCS Advantage

Get Visibility Across City Functions

Visualize, monitor, and analyze the city-level events & alerts across city domains in real time with extensive KPI dashboarding with alert framework. Track operational resources/assets (human and non-human) for fast and effective support and incident response. Integrate with city GIS servers to perform geo-spatial analysis and render information on customizable maps.

Get Optimized with Faster and Better Decision Making

Automate and accelerate multi-departmental response efforts to incidents and emergencies. Monitor the status of incident resources and track resolutions. Understand impacted services, predict failures and improve maintenance operations. Use intuitive and standards-based tools to define Standard Operating Procedures and resolutions for various emergency events, with notifications, resource management, analysis and actions.

Get Ready for Data-driven Value

The IUX City Data Platform on boards the data across city domains (real time and batch) and provides an understanding of the interrelationships. City Command Center with the City Data Platform provide standards-based integration with city subsystems including video management system, video walls, GIS servers.

IUX City Command Center

IUX City Command Center will make city operation and services more resilient and intelligent by breaking down data & operation silos of various city domains, to bring effective situational awareness and better collaboration & coordination among city resources & services. The underlying IUX City Data Platform supports PMML and exposes data as an API in JSON for development of custom applications, with data pipeline, model development and multi-language support for UTF-8 based languages.


Intelligent Urban Exchange City Command Center

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange City Command Center Helps Smart Cities Connect the Dots with Data

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