Oversee Urban Operations and Connected Services Across the Smart City

City Command Center

The Challenge

City leaders are challenged to address urbanization and deliver superior services across many sectors to citizens while also managing limited resources. They must leverage data from multiple disparate sources such as Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures and siloed departmental systems to provide services that promote sustainable, safe living, economic development, and a superior citizen experience.

The Solution

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) City Command Center empowers city operations and services to become more resilient and intelligent by breaking down data and operational silos across multiple city domains for more effective situational awareness and better collaboration and coordination of city resources and services. This solution lets managers visualize, monitor and analyze the city-level events and alerts across the city in real time and track operational resources and assets – both human and non-human.

By intelligently monitoring events and operational alerts from multiple city domains and disparate internal / external sources (networks, actuators, sensors, IoT devices, wireless access points, and social media) TCS IUX City Command Center offers a true command center view through an Integrated City Operational Dashboard. Incoming information is analyzed, alert data is correlated with city asset information providing more informed insights and precise recommended actions. It is a fully integrated software analytics solution powered by an integrated data management and IoT analytics platform.


  • Connected City Synergy : Establishes a connected municipal IoT ecosystem and accelerates value through pre-built dashboards and analytics tuned for city service and operations.
  • Simplified Platform :  Provides city as a platform approach that optimizes city infrastructure and augments current investments in connected systems and infrastructure.
  • Faster Responses and Improved System Up-time : Improves citizen experience, incident response and avoidance with impact analysis, Standard Operating Procedure monitoring and response coordination.
  • Better Insights : Enables more accurate, precise and proactive city planning through real-time analysis of multi-domain, cross-city data and insights about connected public systems and citizen experiences.


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Intelligent Urban Exchange City Command Center


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