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IUX Intelligent Transportation is a software solution, designed for city transportation planners and partners, to help cities address their public transit challenges quickly and cost effectively.

Cities live and die by how easy it is to get around. But as cities grow at unprecedented rates, providing efficient and affordable public transportation is becoming increasingly difficult.

TCS IUX Intelligent Transportation collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, integrating transportation supply and demand data for real-time insights that help cities provide dependable public transit and improve operations. IUX Intelligent Transportation helps increase ridership, reduce wait times and improve capacity and utilization.

The TCS Advantage

Get all the data

IUX Intelligent Transportation is based on the IUX Intelligent Urban Exchange, a scalable platform that collects and analyzes high volumes of structured and unstructured data from networks, sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots, social sites, city reference data, and other data sources for real-time insights and next-step recommendations to improve city transportation planning and operations.

Get a unified urban vision

IUX Intelligent Transportation shares a common platform with other domain solutions such as those for water and energy. This provides for a unified urban vision and shared intelligence for collaborative city initiatives.

Get ready for the future

Partners can use the IUX platform to develop custom applications that can be used alongside pre-build use cases that are included with IUX Intelligence Transportation. This allows for ultimate flexibility and faster time to market as partners can deploy new models with little to no programming using open APIs.

IUX Intelligent Transportation

IUX Intelligent Transportation includes packaged use cases for Bus Service Planning and Multi-Mode Commute.

Bus Service Planning identifies bus congestion points, measures passenger flow and provides information that can help city planners redeploy resources where they are needed most. It integrates citizen flow and demand data with public mobility services for real-time intelligence and next-step recommendations that help cities provide citizens with superior public transit experiences, improve transportation planning, increase revenue, support green initiatives, enhance operational excellence and reduce environmental impact.

Multi-Mode Commute extends the features of bus planning to incorporate the presence of additional forms of city transportation, such as trains and taxis. This use case is designed for cities that are looking to optimize multiple transportation modes simultaneously.


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