TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange for Intelligent Water Management

Advance IoT analysis, comprehensive situational awareness, and goal-based performance monitoring

The Challenge

Just over half of the world’s population lives in cities for the first time in modern history, and that percentage is projected to grow to 70% by 2050. This massive shift to urban population centers coincides with a global trend of freshwater scarcity.

Water conservation and management has always been important, but now it is imperative. Even as cities focus on management strategies and technologies 14-18% of water treated in the United States is wasted through aging and damaged infrastructure, as well as faulty meters. For example, Manhattan loses 2.1 trillion gallons of water through leakage in water distribution networks and infrastructure annually.

The Solution

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) For Intelligent Water Management, offers end-to-end water management and water leakage reduction to help utilities proactively manage water loss and ensure efficient, reliable water delivery. It has a future-friendly, cloud-based architecture and pre-built use cases to help utilities launch smart water initiatives quickly and cost effectively.

Through collection and analysis of data from multiple sources TCS IUX for Intelligent Water Management generates real-time insights and next step recommendations. This solution helps governments, campuses, utilities, and water technology partners adopt a proactive approach to water loss management. It is a fully integrated software analytics solution powered by an integrated data management and IoT analytics platform.


  • Provides Intelligent Water Management : Loss management and target-based planning provides guidance for coordinating day-to-day operations and preventative maintenance across the distribution network.
  • Enables Real-Time Network Situation Awareness : Real-time network monitoring allows active leakage control permitting faster responses to infrastructure failures minimize waste through leakage loss.
  • Allows Proactive Water Loss Management : Prediction and optimization of water flows and system tolerances to anticipate and head-off structural failures due to overloads and faulty equipment.
  • Manages Leak Awareness : Real-time identification of leak location and repair (ALR) cycle to reduce losses.

Are you interested in proactively managing your distribution network in real-time to reduce water loss? Click here.

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