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Gain Visibility for Intelligent Water Management

Gain Visibility for Intelligent Water Management

With ever-increasing urban populations, water utilities worldwide are struggling to provide clean water and sanitation to their consumers. High levels of water loss in distribution networks, known as non-revenue water (NRW), are a large part of the problem. Yet reducing NRW can be challenging. Often, utility leaders do not have access to information about the causes and cost of NRW and the preemptive steps that can be taken reduce it.

TCS’ IUX Intelligent Water is a software solution designed to help governments, utilities and water technology partners adopt a proactive approach to water loss management.

IUX Intelligent Water, built on the Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) foundation, offers end-to-end NRW Management and NRW reduction to help utilities and water networks proactively manage water loss and ensure safe, reliable water delivery. It has a future-friendly, cloud-based architecture and pre-built use cases to help utilities launch smart water initiatives quickly and cost effectively.

The TCS Advantage

Get real-time insights

The IUX Intelligent Water software solution collects and analyzes data from multiple sources flow, pressure, and level sensors, SCADA, meter data management systems, water management systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), enterprise systems and Leak Detection systems (LDS) to generate real-time insights and next step recommendations.

Get improved operational efficiency

With comprehensive analysis, advanced situational awareness and goal-based performance monitoring, IUX Intelligent Water helps improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. IUX supports offline and real-time integrations across fragmented systems. It enables cities to predict failures and improve maintenance operations and optimizes repair operating expenses (OPEX) and network rehabilitation capital expenses (CAPEX).

Get running faster

IUX’s open standards City Data Platform enables faster solution implementation and integration with your enterprise’s existing systems. The out-of-the-box, pre-built domain-specific use cases for NRW reduction accelerate smart water deployments. APIs help you rapidly build and integrate custom applications.

IUX Intelligent Water

IUX Intelligent Water provides utilities and water networks with a more systematic approach to the proactive management and execution of water loss reduction across all levels of the water network for both real-time response and long term planning. IUX Intelligent Water includes pre-built use cases that solve real water conservation challenges including: NRW reduction performance management, frugal leak detection and network pressure optimization, managing ALR cycle and ALR reduction, optimizing asset rehabilitation, and real-time network awareness and alerts. In addition, our rich APIs enable partners and utilities to develop custom applications on top of the City Data Platform

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