One Data Platform, Multiple Analytics Use Cases

TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business

TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business, available on the AWS Marketplace, is designed to help business and IT teams turn raw data into valuable insights. It’s an easy-to-use, low code data analytics foundation that enables business users to on-board, manage and prepare data for analytics.

A self-serve, end-to-end data lake platform, TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business enables business users to develop use cases quickly with a drag and drop user interface, minimal coding requirements and a set of detailed how-to videos that simplify build and deployment.

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How To Videos

Usage Examples

More Effective Marketing Campaigns: Marketing teams can quickly build a trusted customer data lake that provides access to all available forms of customer data. Raw data can be turned into insights for more effective marketing initiatives including the ability to analyze and stratify the customer base for finely targeted campaigns, drive cross-sell and up-sell programs based on an understanding of customer behaviors and track campaign performance through metric-based dashboards and reporting.

Frictionless Customer Journeys: Customer operations teams can create metrics-based customer experience (CX) improvement programs by building a CX data lake that brings together data from across the enterprise: marketing, sales, fulfillment and customer care operations. Based on this data, customer operations can create CX dashboards that provide clear visibility into the customer experience metrics from across all the customer touch points.

Improved Operational Efficiency: Operations teams can build an operations data lake to improve operational efficiencies with performance analysis. The operational data lake can be used to unlock of the power of operational data from the manufacturing shop floor, inventory, supply chain operations and sales and turn it into operational intelligence.

The TCS Advantage

Built on open-source Hadoop architecture with comprehensive data management features, TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business enables project teams to build and deploy multiple use cases from a single common platform—quickly and cost-effectively.

Accelerate use case development

TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business is purpose built for business and IT teams. The simplified, self-serve Hadoop data lake platform helps users on-board, manage and govern data for analytics, quickly and easily. The easy to use drag and drop interface enables business users to model, catalog and automate data ingestion with no coding required.

Lower TCO with cloud based deployment

With its AWS cloud based deployment model, the TCS Connected Intelligence Data Lake for Business reduces TCO by minimizing installation time and readiness for development. It’s designed from the ground up for the cloud, which also reduces on-going management and administration costs.

Increase Productivity with a unified, data platform

The unified data platform simplifies and streamlines data lake management processes including data modeling, data ingestion from diverse data sources, data preparation, data activation, and data governance.


  • Simplified, fast deployment with one easy-to-deploy solution that eliminates the complex task of installing and integrating individual Hadoop components
  • Accelerated use case development with drag and drop user interface and minimal coding
  • Simplified steps for creating your analytic data factory
  • Self-serve, ad-hoc data science capabilities for business stakeholders
  • Built-in, low-code visualization framework or choose your own data visualization tool
  • Role-based user access control

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